What Is The Purpose Of Golf Golf Explained Simply

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What Is The Purpose Of Golf Golf Explained Simply

Simply discussed the target of golfing is to get the ball into each of eighteen holes in succession with the fewest number of shots, using no more 14 clubs. After you hit the ball into all the holes, you add up your scores from all the holes.

As you play, you invent methods to get the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible. Many outside stimuli and lots more within you make this undertaking actually interesting. Golfing should be played with total concentration and a complete disregard for your ego.

Try a monastic existence, at least for the length of the round. Golf tempts you to try achievements of derring-do. You alone establish your success or failure : Should you try and make it over the water and go for the green that's 240 yards away?

Most scoring occurs inside one hundred yards of the hole. If you can save strokes here, your score will be below that of the player whose single life-goal is to crush the ball as far as possible. So practice your putting, sand play, and short shots two times as much as your driving.

Sadly with golf it is practice, practice and more practice if you want to improve. Golf is a game that you never master and even the pros can some times hook a ball. Your hours of practice will pay off and your mates will be the ones dipping into their wallets to buy the lagers in the 19th hole.

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