What Is The Best Golf Ball For My Game

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What Is The Best Golf Ball For My Game

Golfers are always looking to improve their game, aren't they?

Well one way they can see improvement without taking a lesson is by picking the right ball. Don't make the mistake of thinking one size ball fits all; there are different balls for different types of play.

Golf ball technology has come a long way. Balls are now better made, fly straighter, and go farther than in years past. They've also been able to make the dimples uniform so the ball is symmetrical. The dimples help decrease the drag on the ball so it flies farther.

If you're on the driving range, you will use the driving range's bucket of balls. These balls are different in that they're one piece construction. This makes them very durable and inexpensive - perfect for the driving range but not good for course play.

If you're a beginning golfer, you might choose a ball that's of two piece construction. These balls will give you good distance, which you can surely use more of when you're a beginner, but they don't give you a lot of control.

If you're more beginner than pro and you've got a wicked hook or slice, you should use a low spin ball. Because of the low spin, they're more likely to go straight, although maybe not as far.

For most mid-level golfers the mid spin ball is just right. These golfters don't have a lot of issues with their swing and they need a ball that goes the distance and yet gives them some control. This is what the mid spin ball offers.

If you're a low handicapper, you probably want a ball that sails through the air the farthest. With the high spin ball you get that, but you don't get a lot of roll when the ball has landed. Presumably that won't matter so much because your ball will be landing closer to the pin. Since this golf ball doesn't roll as well, it's also good for the greens as you're able to control it better.

Now take a look at the golf ball compression rating, which is basically how hard or soft the ball feels. If you have a fast swing, then choose a higher compression rating. If your swing is slow, go with a lower rating.

Unfortunately, you will not pick out one type of ball and use it every single time. There are factors to consider on a day to day basis such as the playing surface, the weather, and intricacies of each hole. Arm yourself with knowledge and do some experimentation to figure out which balls work best for you in different situations.