Two Golf Tips For Women

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Two Golf Tips For Women

A woman who wants to learn how to play golf usually faces more tips and suggestions from well-meaning friends than she can possibly understand or use. If she can find a teacher who knows how to work with beginners, she may succeed in learning how to play the game. One of the most important golf tips is to accept the fact that golf is an extremely difficult game that takes years to learn how to play. An accuracy rating of 75 percent in landing the ball on the fairway is an excellent statistic, but many professional players do not even come close to that number.

Stay in the Fairway

It helps to understand that professional golfers have played the game most of their lives, and they have the best coaches and teachers that are available. They practice every day for hours and hit hundreds if not thousands of practice balls. Putting these factors into perspective may help a beginner understand the size of the task that she faces.

Aside from the difficulty of learning the mechanics of the game, part of the fascination that many people have for the game of golf is the frustration that it provides. Bobby Jones said that golf is "played on a five-inch course - the distance between your ears." One of the best players the game has ever known gave a clear sign that the mental aspect of the game is very important. A positive attitude can help a person have success on the golf course, although there are many negative comments uttered on a golf course.

Think Positively

Some coaches teach beginners to have positive "swing thoughts". A golfer who stands over the ball with the hope that she does not hit it into the sand is more likely to do just that. One who has a mental picture of the ball flying high, going long and staying on target has a better chance to make the ball go where she wants.

Golf is a sport that provides access to some of the most beautiful landscapes in America. People who go to golf courses are usually pleasant, well-dressed and generally enjoy being there. The pleasure of the game is greatly enhanced by playing with others who are congenial and good companions. There are many aspects of the game that are enjoyable while one learns the mechanics and techniques.

Each player has to find what works best, and any gal who wants to learn how to play golf can do so. One of the most important golf tips for her to remember is that she has a right to own her game. The way she plays, how she hits the ball and how rapidly she wants to progress is entirely up to her.