The Best Golf Swingwhy You Should Not Copy The Pro

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The Best Golf Swingwhy You Should Not Copy The Pro

The best golf swing for you is not what you think..or what most teachers tell you. The secret to the best swing for you is..

The best golf swing for you is one that is based around and responsive to your current position in life, especially from a physical viewpoint but will also depend on whether you are male/female, how much exercise you get, how often you get to play and how fit you are.

The swing that is best for an enthusiastic 20 year old male who is fit and not carrying much body fat is significantly different from a swing that will suit you if you are not in the best of shape, get to play once a week and have other things going on in your life.

It is pretty clear also that a lady golfer who has taken up golf late in life is going to derive practically no benefit from studying the swings of Tiger, Ernie Els, Phil Mickleson, Vijay Singh, Chad Campbell and so on.

If you look at the different swings of the professionals mentioned above you will notice huge differences between how they swing..and they are fit athletes who are in perpetual motion from the driving range to the gym.

The best golf swing for you is the swing that allows you transmit as much energy and swing speed into impact on a consistent basis with every swing. For this reason you will need to recognize what sort of fitness levels you currently have, what height you are, whether you are male or female and how often you get to play.

You will need to adapt and arrive the best golf swing for you based on these factors..and this will depend on sound fundamentals and a commitment to understanding how to set up properly, the proper grip, the correct tempo for you and so on. And you will benefit greatly from some golf swing trainers which you can choose based on your current situation given the criteria above.