The Benefits Of Trying A New Golf Putting Grip

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The Benefits Of Trying A New Golf Putting Grip

Many golfers are quite traditional and stubborn. Instead of trying new techniques, they simply try to work on their current game over and over again. In some cases, creativity can pay off big when trying to improve your game. Some golfers never try a new putting grip. They don't even think of trying a new one. They simply use the one they were taught initially, and work on other parts of their game like driving, pitching, sand traps, etc. The one characteristic that separates good golfers from average and poor golfers is the effectiveness of their short game. And the most important part of the short game is choosing the right putting grip and executing your putts.

The fact is that there is not one perfect grip. The most effective putting grip varies from person to person depending on their ability, experience, and swing. What may be perfect for one golfer, may cause another golfer to miss more times than not. More experienced golfers know firsthand the benefits of choosing and practicing the golf putting grip that best matches their individual swing. Whereas a new golfer may spend 80% of their practice time on driving the ball farther and 20% of the time on the short game (with putting taking up maybe 5 to 10% of that time), an experienced golfer would do the reverse. They'll spend 80% of the time on the short game (with the majority of that time spent on the putting accuracy) and the remaining time on driving a golf ball longer.

Here's the reality: choosing a better putting grip can potentially allow you to get the ball into the hole in one less stroke each round. Over the course of an 18 hole game, that can drastically reduce your score. If you're looking to make an immediate improvement in your golf game, the quickest way to do this is by improving your putting accuracy. And the first step in improving your putting accuracy is choosing a putting grip that works best for you.

There are dozens of possible putting grips to choose from. Some are quite simple. And some are very exotic. It's highly recommended that you try as many putting grips as possible. Even ones that you don't think would help you. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out that complex looking putting grip may feel perfectly normal to you, and give you better control of your putt.

Don't be like most golfers who stick to a grip that just doesn't work. Go online. Go to the bookstore. Go out and research the many golf grips being used by successful (and professional) golfers.

When it comes to lowering your golf scores, it's the little things that can make the biggest difference. Even something as small as a minor adjustment in how you hold a golf club can give you a huge improvement in shot accuracy. Once you have experimented with a variety of grips and have found one putting grip that feels natural to you and gives you much more control of your putts, then it's up to you to put in the practice in order to master that grip.

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