How To Hit The Stinger Golf Shot

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How To Hit The Stinger Golf Shot

How to hit the STINGER Golf shot

The fairway wood stinger is a shot synonymous with the world number 1, Tiger Woods, who easily smashes the 280 yard barrier with a THREE wood!

It's a hugely powerful shot that, when performed correctly, is a terrific alternative to the driver if the big stick is misbehaving.

Most importantly though, he usually finds the middle of the fairway with a Stinger shot because it offers extra accuracy.

You will feel more in control and the ball flight the shot creates is both penetrating and promotes run on landing. In fact, there are so many reasons to have this shot at your disposal. The tweaks to your set-up and swing it needs are well worth learning and here are they are:

Tee the ball low and aim left - Use a very low tee, take your 3 wood and position the golf ball centrally in your stance with your weight slightly more on your left side. You will also need to aim slightly left because the ball position makes the club meet the ball a littleearlier, so the clubface will be slightly open

Grip down the handle - this will give you much greater control over your golf swing, but remember to keep your grip light ,at say number 5 on a scale of 10 where 10 is very tight. Too much tension in your arms and hands will kill the effect of a nice flowing swing. Remember not to tense u, not only on this shot but with every golf swing.

Keep your Weight Central - Your weight should stay central in the backswing. Do not move it onto your right foot. Limiting your weight transfer will allow you to stay on top of the ball, fully compressing it when it comes to impact. This set up will provide a steeper angle of attack to create that lower, more powerful trajectory which we are trying to get

Rediscover your shaft lean - Through impact, the shaft of your club needs to rediscover the forward lean it had at address. Create this by keeping the hands slightly in front of the clubhead as you strike the ball. This keeps the loft off the club, sending the golf ball on a lower more penetrating trajectory

Curtail the follow through - Curtailing your follow through is a natural position to get into when playing this type of shot. This is because you're not allowing the club to fully release, caused by the shaft lean you used to get the lower ball flight.

Although you may not get the same distance as a perfect hit with your driver, but this type of shot will only be a few yards behind, but more importantly you will hit the fairway far more often and in good shape to go for the green with your next shot.

Try this on the practise range first and build up your confidence with this shot, you'll be surprised how effective it is

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