How Much Are My Old Golf Clubs Worth

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How Much Are My Old Golf Clubs Worth

This is time after time the most hard to solve portion of purchasing historic golf clubs. What are your clubs worth? Well in summary, your clubs are valued at what someone is pleased to bear the cost for them. Perfect answer right? In collecting we repeatedly ignore that slogan, a wordage that is pretty meaningful to keeping us perceptive and clear minded. We receive offers on clubs and once in a while get displeased with the offers that are being presented.

That is when it is crucial to take a step back and become aware of what we have may not be as in demand as we once thought. There are plenty books with appraisal guides as to what something are apparently valued at, and that's just it, they are believably worth that. There is no telling from one day to another if it is probable to find someone in the mood to pay that cost.

The correct style to get a feel for what a clubs value may be is to look at recent sales of different clubs. One trick to do that is to look-see at auctions. In detail, ebay auctions can award you a positively solid guess for what the current retail is for a collectors item. The best manner for this is to log into your ebay account, search for hickory golf clubs, and then view "completed listings" on the left side. (note: looking for hickory golf clubs is just an example, you might choose to enter your accurate golf club name, type, or brand) This will illustrate to you which clubs sold, what ones didn't sell, and how much they went for.

There are a couple of key points that you must look at while undertaking this. For starters is the sell through rate, meaning how many products sold compared to how many didn't sell. If all you get is red, nothing is selling and the market for your club may be small-scale. But if you view a good deal of green numbers you are in luck. Another component I choose to keep an eye on is how many consumers were taking part in the select auctions I am marking. The bigger the better of course, meaning that there is an adaptable demand for your exact historic golf club.

Now just because you have a hickory shafted golf club doesn't mean you get to give up work tomorrow and do nothing but play golf the remainder of your time on earth. There were literally a lot of antique clubs with wood shafts produced in the 1920's to 1930's that are worth next to nothing. Most of these clubs were inadequately constructed and put up for sale at local sporting goods stores to the normal players. Sound familiar? Same thing occurs nowadays. Most collectors gather that about 5% of ones they come across are indeed truthfully collectors items and have worth different than for garnishing your cave with.

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