Golf Swing Aids Arent Effective If

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Golf Swing Aids Arent Effective If

Have you purchased golf swing aids only to use them once or twice and not see improvement? Isnt this an everyday occurrence for golfers? I see and hear this all the time, and yet golfers will continue to spend hundreds of dollars by the latest/greatest gimmick.

I dont know if they (golfers) think they will find the one training aid that will change their game forever; or they are just trying to take the easy way out?

Either way, the main reason most golf swing aids dont help is because you are not working on whats causing your swing faults. You! Your machine (body) dictates your outcome! Theres no way around it!

What your body is capable of in that moment is the result youll get.

How many times have you wished you could make a bigger backswing but cant? How often do you walk off the course with a sore back? How many times did you have a good front nine only to blow up on the back nine and shoot your normal score?

The above results were because of the physical issues within your body. Until you realize this and take a different approach to your golf improvement program, youll be a frustrated golfer for a long time.

In my opinion, there are a couple of golf swing aids that are effective when you incorporate them with your new golf training program. One is the medicus. This is a fantastic golf swing aid that gives you instant feedback. Swing it too fast or out of plane and the shaft breaks at the hinge.

Another golf swing aid I like is the weighted golf club. I swing mine everyday and boy does it loosen me up and strengthen my golf swing muscles.

Other than the above golf swing aids, there are dozens and dozens of ones that are a total waste of money. Save your money and work on you! The sooner you do, the sooner youll stop buying the latest, greatest golf swing aids.

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