Golf Formats Stroke Play

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Golf Formats Stroke Play


Also known as Medal Play, Stroke play is the format of scoring where a golfer counts every shot over 18 holes. To win at stroke play you need to have the lowest score once your handicap has been deducted. (this known as your NETT score). If 2 or more players finish with the same number, a method of 'countback' is used to determine the winner (best score on the back nine, then last 6, last 3 etc)

It is the format most used in club competitions, although it is quite possible that this is being overtaken by the Stableford system (see below). The reason for this is that Strokeplay is the least forgiving of all of the game formats, as one disastrous hole can ruin the complete card, whereas in other formats each hole is in effect a separate entity.

Handicap allowance - Singles full handicap

Foursomes i of the total handicap of the partners.

Fourball i of the full handicap for each partner.

Article taken from 'The Beginners Guide to Golf' available for 99p