Advantages Of Camera Based Golf Simulators

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Advantages Of Camera Based Golf Simulators

Golf simulators have been in the market since decades. With the advancement of technology, there have been continuous improvements to the golf simulator to give more accurate and realistic game play. There is a continuous debate about golf simulators whether they improve your game or not. According to my personal experience the gap between playing on golf simulator and real course is decreasing day by day and I won't be surprised if huge golf tournaments start to happen on golf simulators instead of real courses.

Being said all that, it becomes really very important while choosing a golf simulator. Choosing an golf simulator for your personal use was not so difficult 10 years ago since there were hardly 3-4 companies proving golf simulators. But now when you go to buy a golf simulator you are as confused as a hungry baby in a topless bar. There are hundreds of company offering golf simulators with different features and prices. Most of the people end up getting the costliest simulator thinking that they are the best which is not at all true.

Choosing the right golf simulator depends on your requirements. If you are playing golf just for fun, you can opt for any cheap simulator. If you are looking forward to improve a particular aspect of game such as only putting, you can look for simulators which are just meant for putting which would reduce the cost drastically and since they are specifically meant for that purpose, it would definitely have an edge over others.

If you are a professional golfer and looking to get a golf simulator which has all the features and is accurate you should always go for camera based golf simulators. Most of the golf simulators in the market are based on infrared sensors, so finding a camera based simulator would not be that easy as there are only few in the market. The main advantage of these camera based simulators over the traditional infrared golf simulators is that being a professional golfer it becomes obvious that you are going to spend hours on your simulator, an infrared simulator continuously emits infrared rays to detect the ball so after some time the room gets filled with rays and they start interfering each other which results in error while detecting the ball speed and path which is not the case with camera based golf simulators since they do not emit any rays.

Other advantages of camera based golf simulator are that you can easily replace your camera if it gets faulty as opposed to finding infrared sensors. Maintaining your camera is also not a difficult task. Since the camera is mounted in the room, it is protected by getting any damage from golf club and ball which is not in case with infrared sensors as they are placed near to the club and ball.

I have a personal experience with BoGolf simulators which are based on 3 high speed cameras and would highly suggest it to you if you are planning to get a camera based golf simulator. The best thing about these simulators is that it is available at an affordable cost and is very easy to setup. I hope you enjoyed reading this article while getting to know the advantages of camera based golf simulators.

You can check the camera based golf simulators mentioned in my article on their website.